How to Join as an EMT

New members interested in becoming an Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) must be at least 16 years old and BLS CPR certified before starting the EMT course. Tuition for the EMT course is paid for by the Tenafly Volunteer Ambulance Corps in exchange for a minimum one-year volunteer commitment*. The following is step by step instructions to becoming a TVAC member as an EMT:

  1. Email or call 201-568-4909 to notify the Tenafly Volunteer Ambulance Corps of your interest and receive information on upcoming EMT courses.

  2. Create an account at to obtain a 6-Digit EMT number that is needed to register for classes and identify yourself.

  3. Create an account at in order to obtain a National EMS Certification upon completion of the EMT course.

  4. Email or call 201-568-4909 to schedule a time to obtain a payment voucher for the EMT course.

  5. Register for the EMT course by sending in the registration form and original payment voucher.

  6. Become BLS CPR/AED certified prior to the start of the EMT course (see "CPR Training" under Resources for more information).

*This form only covers the tuition. You must purchase the textbook and any necessary equipment/uniform outlined by your course.

EMT Training classes are offered several times a year in several locations.